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If you are looking for good quality products and constant supply at competitive prices and you are ready to cooperate, contact us.

About us

We are an importer of Japanese and Thai food products.

Since 2009, we have been supplying a wide range of products to the Polish and European markets directly from the manufacturers of Southeast Asia.

The close contacts we made with the manufacturers, a large volume of container purchases every year and the perfect location in Gdynia port are our strong market position as a trading partner.

Our products are distributed to over 250 sushi and thai restaurants in Poland and directions development is primarily Scandinavia and Finland, the Baltic republics and the Balkans.

We have 2 warehouses in Gdynia that logistically support our Clients with a delivery guarantee of up to 48h.

In practice, 85% of shipments reach every place in Poland within 24h from the moment of placing the order.

Cooperation with a leading international carrier allows us to reach within 72h to all our customers in the EU.